Local History


from Walcote Farm

Alcester Rural District Council Transcribed
1939 Registers (similar to a census)
Covering Area
Alcester, Studley, Bidford on Avon & Surrounding Villages
See who were living at the time and their occupations

Haselor Parish Censuses
1841 - 1911
There are also, many subjects on local history, including house pictures from old postcards and Haselor Church Registry Records from1687
Local History Webpage

I Made A



Michael Finnemore

This 24 hour clock with numerous dials, was made mostly with Meccano and shown on a BBC live television show, called
"All Your Own" with Huw Weldon
in 1955


Mole Catching at Walcote Farm


230 moles caught in two months.

How to set a mole trap.

The best mole traps.

Mole trap problems solved.

Learn the techniques of trapping moles

A step by step guide on all you need to know in being successful at mole catching.

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