Misses Heming

The last owners of Haselor Grounds Farm and Walcote Farm

until 1925


Haselor Grounds Farm

Walcote Farm

In 1807 the Heming family purchased Haselor Grounds 162a..0r..32p   9629 .. 5s..6d
In 1866 the Heming family purchased part of Walcote Farm   41a..3r..  1p   3014 .. 5s..2d
In 1882 the Heming family purchased Walcote Farm   46a..3r..38p   3470


250a..3r..31p 16113..10s..8d
Heming family purchased other land, plus a row of cottages at Great Alne. The total acreage is now 258a..1r..13p More research here on cost.
In 1925, Edward Finnemore purchased the whole estate    
258a..1r..13p 5500
In 1925 the whole estate of 258 acres with tenant Robert Stock of Haselor Grounds, farming the land, Tom Baseley renting Walcote Farm house, and tenants in the cottages, was sold as one lot for 5500. My grandfather, Edward Finnemore, who was farming at New End Farm, Great Alne, was the purchaser.
My grandfather went to the auction sale just to see how much it would make. It wasn't sold. The next day the auctioneer went to see my grandfather and said "I saw you at the sale, Mr Finnemore, are you interested in it?"

Acres were divided into roods and perches. 40 perches made 1 rood and 4 roods made 1 acre.