Little Manor


This house was the vicarage house and farm. It then became just a farm. It ceased being a farm after the 1767 Enclosure Awards. It then became the workhouse for the "poor of Haselor". Afterwards it was converted into several cottages. Now it is one house again, known now as "Little Manor".


Map showing the old enclosures with house and barn belonging to "Little Manor". The top field enclosure on the map shows the angle of the old road to Haselor Church Map shows where the old enclosures would have been on an 1887 Ordnance Survey Map

These were old enclosures which existed before the majority of land was enclosed in 1767. This land ceased to be part of "Little Manor" after 1767.

In the article on Haselor Church it says,

"and was originally endowed with a house for the Parson and two Yard Land lying in the fields of Haselore and Walcote; as also certain pasture grounds to the same belonging, with a certain Place and Croft lying opposite thereto"

This house is now known as "Little Manor".