The Slaughter of the Graceful Swan.



The River Arrow, River Alne and Oversley Bridge are mentioned in the poem.

About 1950, I found that my mother had got two copies, written by hand of a poem that she said had been copied from the "Alcester Chronicle" by her grandmother. It relates to Great Alne Fishing Club that found it impossible to fish the River Arrow or River Alne because a swan would viciously attack anyone fishing on the river. The club decided that they had to get rid of the swan. No one wanted to do the illegal deed, but it was agreed in the fishing club, that the person who drew the short straw would have to discreetly do something about it. He was found out. It got into the papers and someone wrote a poem, on what they thought should happen to this man.
I have always been fascinated by this poem and I have now found out that it actually appeared in the "Alcester Chronicle" on the 26th February 1889. It must have been talked about for many years afterwards, for my mother and father to tell me most of the details, when they were not even born at the time.
John Finnemore, Walcote Farm

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