The Cider Mill  
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Old Postcard  c1920
Photograph  pre1910
c 1920s
The Cider Mill.                 January 1962
In December 1961, The Cider Mill was valued at 3000 when it was put up for sale by auction. As there were two very keen buyers, the house sold for 4500, that is 50% above the valuation. People could not believe that this house could make that sort of money.
By July 1963, the house would have looked like the picture below, after spending 1500 on the conversion.

The Cider Mill    1993


How old is the cider mill ?


Dated 6th June 1812

Here we are talking about the house with a cider mill. The earliest deed to mention Cider Mill (spelt Cyder Mill in the early deeds) is dated 6th June 1812. The only deed before 1812 is a Will of Henry Mander dated 12th September 1781 and was Approved 5th October 1781. The Will does not mention a cider mill. In fact the wording of another document, establishes the fact that the cider mill came after 1781. In 1781, the son of Henry Mander inherited the property, who was also named Henry Mander and in 1817 he sells to William Mander.

I believe the cider mill would have been established by 1800.

It was last used in 1947