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The Will of Henry Lane, dated April 8th 1685, lived at Walcote Farm. He was buried April 11th 1685.

Henry Lane had a daughter Elisabeth by his first wife and two sons John and Thomas by his  third wife. John was 4 years old and Thomas 1 year old when he died.


I Henry Lane of Walcot of the Parish of Haselor in the County of Warwick being sick in body but of a sound and perfect mind and memory do make this my Last Will & Testament in manner following first & principally I give my Soul to god that gave it and my body to be decently interred & my worldly goods I give as followeth.
Item I give and bequeath unto my son John the furniture of the best Chamber except that which is his mothers and one great kettle & four large dishes of pewter, & one pewter can and three pewter plates and one pare of flaxen sheets and a half dozen of flaxen napkins.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Thomas the furniture of the Hall house and four dishes of pewter, and three plates and two porringers one candlestick one great kettle and one bed and all as belongs to it & half a dozen of napkins and one flaxen table cloth.
Item I give & bequeath to my wife Mary all the furniture of the lower Chamber and eight dishes of pewter and two kettles and a pot and a red cow moreover I give and bequeath to my two sons John & Thomas eight cows for their use and six horses and a colt and fifty six sheep and seven quarters of barley away at seven pounds ( ? ) fourteen bushells belongs to my mother Heming and for coopery ware and other trumpery I give & bequeath unto my wife and two sons to be equally divided.
Item I give and bequeath to my two sons John and Thomas all the implements of Husbandry that is to say ploughs harrows carts a wagon and gears.
Item I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Mary the sum of thirty pounds of lawfull English money if she keeps herself a Widow til her eldest son be eighteen years of age if she so good to alter her condition and marry to be paid by John Gibbs and Robert Field out of the stock left to John and Thomas Lane.
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Elisabeth Lane my whole estate teniments tithe at Haselor and to her heirs lawfully begotten of her body for ever but for want of issue to return to the heirs of Henry Lane again, upon this condition my mother Margrit Heming gives four score pounds of lawfull English money to put my two sons lives in her living and let my wife and children enjoy my living and house during the time of her life and after her death to enjoy her living without the least disturbance and if this ( ? ) be truly preformed all other covenants between us to be void or else to stand in full force and power.It is my will that the best improvements to be made of the living and stock for the use of my two children without imparing or diminishing besides what I here allow.
Item I give and bequeath to my son John at eighteen years of age the living to enter at the age aforesaid. Item I give and bequeath to my two sons John and Thomas my whole crops of corn to be divided equally between them.
Item it is my will when my son Thomas surrenders his title up out of the living that my son John paying son Thomas three score pounds of lawfull English money if one of my sons die the longer survivor shall have his part moreover I appoint my uncle John Gibbs & Robert Field to defray all my debts and for my burial out of that seventeen pounds in my house and the rest out of my stock and of this my Last Will and Testament I make ordain and appoint my two sons John and Thomas Executors and of this my Last Will and Testament I make my uncle John Gibbs and my brother Robert Field overseers revoking and hereby making null and void all former and other wills by me heretobefore made in testimony where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this eight day of April Ann Dom one thousand six hundred eighty five.
Signed by Henry Lane, John Gibbs, Robert Lane, Robert Feild, Elisha Lane.

Note: Above is the will of Henry Lane, who was buried April 11th 1685, and below is his inventory, which came after his death, dated 21st January 1685. Henry Lane of Walcot and Henry Lane of Haslor is the same person.

March was the first month of the Roman year, named for Mars, the god of war. In England, until the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1752, March was considered the first month with the legal year beginning on March 25.

A true and perfect inventory of ye goods Cattell and Chattells of Henry Lane of Haslor in ye county of Warwick and Diosses of Woster yoman deceased this ye 21 day of January in ye yeare 1685 & by us whose names are heare under ritten etc
  -- ss --dd
His waring aparell and mony in his purse---------------------------------------------- 11 -- 10 --00
one fether bed three fether bolsters two fether  pillows weing one hunderd & sixtene pounds at 7d------------------------------------------------------------------------   3 --  7 --  8
Ninetene puter dishes weing 78 pound at 7d------------------------------------------   2 --  5 --  6
Six poringers six plats one puter can one candellstick together with other small puter weing Aleven pound and one quartory at---------------------------------------------   0 --  6 -- 7
Two great kettls & one brase ladle one scellett one small kettell one brase pan one midling kettell weing eighty seven pounds at 8d------------------------------------   2 --18 -- 0
One warming pan ------------------------------------------------------------------   0 --  2 -- 0
One brase porig pott weing 31 pounds at 4d--------------------------------------   0 --10 -- 4
In ye parlor one long joyn table eight joyn stolles Fore green cheares fore greene quishins at---------------------------------------------------------------------------   1 --13 -- 4
In ye ground chamber one flock bed one flock bolster three blancketts cortens and vallions one joyn bedstid 3 cheires one joyn cobbord one joyn tabell one old cofer one bibell one window curtin all at------------------------------------------------   2--13 --10
In ye rome over ye parlor one joyn bedstid matte and coard curtins and vallians one blanckett and coverlid one cloth conach 3 cloth cheires 2 stolles 2 joyn chests one joyn box one feaskott all at-------------------------------------------------------   3 --12 -- 0
Sheets 8 paire and one ade one 22 napckins 4 tabell cloths 3 napckins mare all at----   2 -- 4 -- 0
In ye rome over ye kitchin one bed and bedstid 4 blanckitts 2 old cofers all at-----   1 -- 4 -- 0
Plow timber and trumpery in ye Cock loft all at-------------------------------------   0 --18 -- 0
In ye chese chamber chese boards and other old things---------------------------------   0 --10 -- 0
In ye Hay house 2 halfe hogshead one whole hogshead one littell barill one chese prese 4 cifers 3 corils one lether bottell one wood bottell fore pails and a frying pan and other old  things of small valeue all at----------------------------------------------------   2 -- 0 -- 0
In ye kitchin fire shovell and tongs grate flesh forcks one brase skimer one spitt 2 cheaires  one foarme 2 old stonlls one grid ioin and one chafin dish 2 puding pans and other ade things in ye same all at------------------------------------------------   0 --10 --0
Sheep in nomber being 61 at------------------------------------------------------- 15 -- 0 -- 0
Cowes in number of all sorts 11 at----------------------------------------------- 20 -- 0 -- 0
Two geldings 7 mares and one collte------------------------------------------- 22--13 -- 4
The geares of all sorts---------------------------------------------------------------   1 -- 0 -- 0
One wagon 2 long carts 2 tombrills plowes and harrows and all other implements of husbandry-------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 -- 2 -- 0
Three store pigs at-------------------------------------------------------------   2 -- 0 -- 0
A parsell of cheese------------------------------------------------------   2--10 -- 0
Corne of all sorts at ye uper house----------------------------------------------- 17--13 -- 7
Meats in ye house---------------------------------------------------   4 -- 0 -- 0
The crope of corne upon ye Lower Lineing---------------------------------- 36 -- 4 -- 8
Poltry and other ade things unpraised up and down in and about house--------------   0 -- 8 -- 0


169 -- 6 -- 10