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The Registers are similar to a census except that they were released after 76 years, instead of a 100 years.

Not all Register entries are shown, these entries are shown in Green. People who now would have been 100 years old are shown and if they have died before 1991. This information is not true in all cases.

      Some of the Registers have been very difficult to read and where they were ripped, sticky tape has been used.
      If you know of any house names or corrections that can be made to the Registers, then please let me know. Thank you.
       In the Registers, every entry has an ED Code, Schedule No. & a Sub No. These code numbers were used on Identity Cards, which everyone had to have in wartime. These numbers were also used, when the National Health Service started up in 1948.
      The No. of Pages, below, refers to the original copy, where there were 44 entries to a page.                   
  ED Code No. of Pages Areas Covered  
QFAA 6 Spernall; Morton Baggot; Oldberrow; Ullenhall  
QFAB 23 Studley; Mappleborough Green; Outhill  
QFAC 19 Studley; Mappleborough Green; Ipsley  
QFAD 20 Studley Central  
QFAE 18 Studley Central  
QFAF 8 Studley Slough; Crabbs Cross; Astwood Bank; Sambourne  
QFAG 12 Haydon Way; Spernall Ash; Littlewood Green; Middletown; Sambourne (inc. St. Josephs); Astwood Bank  
QFAH 23 Alcester Central  
QFAI 17 Alcester South & West  
QFAJ 17 Alcester North, Kings Coughton; Coughton; Alcester Heath; Ridgeway  
QFAK 9 Kinwarton; Great Alne  
QFAL 8 Arrow; Weethley; Cookhill; Cold Comfort; Ragley  
QFAM 14 Oversley (inc. Alcester Hospital & Isolation Hospital); 10 Acres; Oversley Green; Haselor; Walcote  
QFAN 8 Aston Cantlow; Little Alne; Shelfield  
QFAO 14 Wilmcote; Pathlow  
QFAP 23 Broom; Bidford on Avon North & West  
QFAQ 17 Bidford on Avon South; Barton; Marlcliff  
QFAR 14 Bidford on Avon North & East; Wixford; Exhall  
QFAS 7 Dunnington  
QFAT 17 Bevington; Iron Cross; Pitchill; Abbots Salford; Salford Priors; Rushford  
  Index for Surnames & Occupations for the Needle, Fishing, and Grocery Businesses from the Registers.  
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